Internet2 Network Operations Report
02/26/2007 - 03/04/2007

Internet2 Network Operations Center
at Indiana University

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Unscheduled Outages Summary

Ticket Number Customer Impact Network Impact Title Outage Type Start Time (UTC) End Time (UTC)

None during this report period

Scheduled Maintenances Summary

Ticket Number Customer Impact Network Impact Title Maintenance Type Start Time (UTC) End Time (UTC)

None during this report period

Downtime and Availability

Internet2 Core NodesDown TimeReporting Period Availability52 Week Availability
ATLA T640M0 hr 0 min100.00000%99.99866%
CHIN T6400 hr 0 min100.00000%99.99924%
** CHIC T6400 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
DNVR T6400 hr 0 min100.00000%99.99943%
HSTN T6400 hr 0 min100.00000%99.99809%
IPLS T6400 hr 0 min100.00000%99.97272%
KSCY T6400 hr 0 min100.00000%99.99943%
LOSA T6400 hr 0 min100.00000%99.99141%
** NEWY T6400 hr 0 min100.00000%99.98760%
SNVA T6400 hr 0 min100.00000%99.99886%
STTL T6400 hr 0 min100.00000%99.99943%
WASH T6400 hr 0 min100.00000%99.99886%
** WASH T6400 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
** ATLA M50 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%

Aggregate Internet2 Core Nodes0 hr 0 min100.00000%99.99598%

** Less than 52 weeks of data available

Internet2 Backbone CircuitsDown TimeReporting Period Availability9 Week Availability
ATLA-IPLS OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%99.95370%
ATLA-HSTN OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%98.42482%
ATLA-WASH OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%99.76742%
CHIN-IPLS OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%99.09392%
DNVR-KSCY OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
DNVR-SNVA OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
DENV-STTL OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%99.98898%
HSTN-KSCY OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
HSTN-LOSA OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%99.95701%
IPLS-KSCY OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
LOSA-SNVA OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
NYCM-WASH OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
SNVA-STTL OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%100.00000%
CHIC-WASH OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%99.99780%
NEWY-WASH OC-1920 hr 0 min100.00000%99.99780%

Aggregate All Internet2 Backbone Circuits0 hr 0 min100.00000%99.81210%

Upcoming Scheduled Maintenances

Ticket No.:9807:45
Subject:Internet2 IP Network Backbone Circuit LOSA-HSTN Maintenance
Affected:Backbone Circuit LOSA-HSTN*
Start Time:Tuesday, March 20, 2007, 2:30 AM (0230) UTC
End Time:Wednesday, March 21, 2007, 10:00 AM (1000) UTC
Description: Qwest Communications Engineers will be performing maintenance on the LOSA-HSTN backbone circuit. A 5-10 minute hit is expected, however the entire window has been reserved. *Traffic will re-reoute during maintenance.

Ticket No.:9811:45
Subject:Internet2 IP Network Backbone Circuit HSTN-KSCY Maintenance
Affected:Backbone Circuit HSTN-KSCY
Start Time:Wednesday, March 14, 2007, 4:00 AM (0400) UTC
End Time:Thursday, March 15, 2007, 10:00 AM (1000) UTC
Description: Provider Qwest Communications will be performing circuit maintenance between HSTN-KSCY. Expected downtime is 5-10 minutes, however, the entire window is reserved. Traffic will re-route.

Ticket No.:9845:45
Subject:Internet2 Network Backbone Circuit CHIC-NEWY Maintenance
Affected:Backbone Circuit CHIC-NEWY
Start Time:Tuesday, March 20, 2007, 5:00 AM (0500) UTC
End Time:Tuesday, March 20, 2007, 11:00 AM (1100) UTC
Description: Provider Level3 will be performing maintenance to the backbone circuit from Chicago to New York. The expected downtime period is 2 hours, however the entire window will be reserved. Traffic will be re-routed.